About This Blog

I'll start off this blog by explaining why I'm writing it, and why it's called Nana's Notions.

During World War II my mom and dad, Ruth and Roy Stone, wrote to each other for the three years or so he served in the Army, fighting first in Africa, then Europe.  They each numbered every letter they wrote so they would know if any were missing, and to be able to read them in order if several arrived at once.  Mom saved Dad's letters to her, and he would save the ones she had written to him until he had a bundle, then send them back to her.

The letters were in a box in the attic until shortly after Daddy died, when Mom burned them.

When I found out they were gone I was heartsick.  I could understand that she felt they were personal and private.  But as an avid reader and a lover of history I felt a sad sense of loss.  Even if Mom had censored the letters, what was left would still have been a great true story of two of the most important people in my life.  But the letters are gone and we'll never have that chance to take a glimpse into that particular chapter of their lives, as written in their own words.

Then one day I realized that unless I started writing them down, all the stories that I have heard over the years from my parents and aunts and uncles would also be lost.  And some day my children and grandchildren, and my nieces and their children, might wonder about "the old days" and find something of interest in these stories.

I'm not going to say that all the stories will be 100% historically correct; that's why I call them my "notions."  A notion is defined as "an individual's conception or impression of something known, experienced, or imagined."  An impression is defined as "an often indistinct or imprecise notion or remembrance."  Many of the stories I want to pass along were overhead by me at family gatherings, and I was a young child.  Some stories I heard many times; others just a few.  I will retell them as I remember them, but not categorically state that my memory is infallible.  They are my notions, or impressions, and if you find them of any interest, then I am glad.

I will also tell stories of my own, and stories about my children and my sisters' children, as well as my grandchildren and grandnieces and grandnephews.  All our lives are intertwined in one way or another and hopefully some of the stories will be of interst to you.

Love, Nana